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14Feb 2020
Winner : Mannat Nursing Academy | mannatacademy.com

Rate this post Winner : Mannat Nursing Academy It is very heartily announced that Mannat Nursing Academy Once again fulfill his commitment with students. After a Great  success of Community Health Officer ( CHO ) Punjab, today 4 students from Mannat Nursing Academy got selection in GMCH-32 hospital. Once again Winner : Mannat Nursing Academy […]

31Jan 2020
Special Target Batch PGIMER

5 / 5 ( 2 votes ) Special Target Batch PGIMER With the request of a lot of students and parents, Mannat Nursing Academy Chandigarh start the Special Target Batch PGIMER. This batch motive to revision of syllabus and told to students how to crack the entrance exam. Our renowned faculty from Kota (Rajasthan) give […]

12Jan 2020
Cardiac Cycle | Mannatacademy.com

5 / 5 ( 2 votes ) Cardiac Cycle At rest the heart pumps around 5L of blood around the body every minute, but this can increase massively during exercise. In order to achieve this high output efficiently the heart works through a carefully controlled sequence with every heart beat – this sequence of events […]

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